Primary school children visit teenager development center

  On June 9, some of the primary school children in Grade One went to the Children’s Extensive Development Center located in Licheng district. This activity was organized by some of the members from the parent council.

  The pupils first visited the agricultural center where they saw with their own eyes the plants of different fruits and vegetables. Then they attended some workout programs along with their parents, including jumping, sliding board, and rope bridge. Later our students paid a visit to the Science Museum, learning a lot of new knowledge that can’t do inside classroom.

  The parents played a key role in this activity by guiding their children joining different event. They taught them how to recognize crops, encouraging them to take part in challenging programs. By doing so, our children have broadened their views,  enriched their part time life, and learned the importance of teamwork.


  Visit the Science Museum


  Outdoor activity


  A group picture